Here you find a few question we are often asked.
What can I learn from an international mobility?

Well, after 25 years working in mobility, after hosting in Florence or sending abroad thousands of students, take it from us: a work experience abroad will bring you to the next level, it will change your life forever and it’s the best thing you can do. Ask whoever tried it and you will always get this same answer, and it’s for a reason.

You will surely learn from a technical and professional standpoint, but it’s still nothing comparing to the amazing growth you will experience in your transversal skills, soft skills, core skills, key skills or what you want to call them. You probably don’t realize it before you do your first experience abroad, but the sense of autonomy that you gain from living independently and working in another country will have a tremendous impact on your life.

In your next job interviews you will feel more confident after a mobility abroad, in your future jobs you will be stronger because of what you learned and lived abroad. In fact you will go through some key moments at work that will give you new tools to face better some difficult situations in your future career.

An internship in another country is a tough experience but we will be next to you through the process that will bring you to the 2.0 version of yourself.

New, improved and beyond, with a better initiative, better teamwork skills, better self-organization, better flexibility, better problem-solving, better time management, better communication skills. And, last but not least, new language skills.

What does it mean for your staff working with mobility?

In a few words we could say “been there, done that”. All members of our staff are good advertisement for mobility. We all either studied, worked, went for internships or participated in youth exchanges and training courses abroad. We know what it’s like living abroad, speaking different languages, and we know what a culture shock is because we all experienced it. We lived all these sensations on our skin and working in mobility it’s a way to give back to Europe, it’s a way to show everybody how important it is to know each other and build up a stronger and confident Europe, and we love to have an impact on the lives of all the trainees we work with. Seeing them changing and being part of their personal growth is just priceless.

What would you suggest to someone who’s preparing for an internship in Florence?

For starters,  you should tackle the language. Do your best to learn anything you can. Find what works best for you and go for it. Our minds work all different, so the best tool for you could be a grammar book, a 1-on-1 course, a language exchange, listening to songs or watching movies, borrowing books from your city library, downloading audiobooks or mobile applications such as Duolingo and so on. The important thing is the final result, which is having

What are the requirements I have to meet to qualify for an internship in Florence?

We evaluate all kinds of CVs and we’re happy to arrange skype interviews with individual participants in order to fully understand motivations and expectations before making arrangements with the hosting companies. Minimum requirements are that you are flexible, motivated, willing to learn and to make efforts to integrate, interested in foreign cultures

What type of support would I get from your staff?

As said we articulate our work in 3 main services, which are Tutoring, Accommodation and Language Courses.

TUTORING covers all arrangements around the internship. We start from CV analysis, possibly a Skype interview if we still need some extra information (or if you need it), company research and formal paperwork such as a learning agreement and insurance arrangements. Then, once you will be here, you will be assigned a supervisor who will go through an internship induction with you and then will accompany you at your company interview. She will be your reference person all along the internship for any question or doubts you might have about your work experience and she will monitor it with you and with the company to make sure everything will flow as expected from both parts.

ACCOMMODATION is an optional service in case you want us to book a room in one of our accommodations. We rent rooms from landlords, as AeF does not own any residence or apartment. Our price covers everything, so once you want us to handle it you won’t have to pay anything else (taxes, expenses, and so on). Towels and bed sheets are included, however you will receive our Accommodation Guidelines with more explanations and details.

LANGUAGE COURSE is another optional service. Depending on your italian language level and on the dates of your stay we will check if you can fit in one of our classes, otherwise we will organize it with one of the language schools we collaborate with.

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