Student mobilities

How we do it

We treat our participants as young workers, guiding them to step into the labour market, to focus on their educational path and training,  and we introduce them to companies and professionals in seminars we organize in our office.

If you’re a project promoter looking for a reliable partner taking care of your participants as you would do yourself, then AeF is your best choice.

If you’re interested in sending a group of participants to Florence please contact our department and let us know the period and the profiles you would like to send. We will be quick and effective in replying with a feedback about your request.

Timing and duration

For a quality work advance is the key, so we always suggest international partners to inform us at least 2 months before mobilities should take place. However, as in Erasmus+ the “hot period” is between february and june, with most of our partners we start working and planning already in october/november. So if you plan your mobility for march, a good timing is informing us with enough time in advance to schedule arrivals properly, and in that case the best option is discussing the project in october/november.

The average duration of the mobilities we usually work on is around 3 months, a shorter duration is less likely accepted by most companies and from our standpoint we can say that the outcomes are also limited in terms of personal and professional experience. So we invite all project promoters to go for the longest length possible for your stays abroad: your participants will thank you for that!

Intership and follow up

The company research is based on the information we receive from the project promoter, which is not only a CV and possibly a motivation letter, but also a questionnaire on the participants that we will provide. We do this in order to find the best match between companies’ expectations  and work environment and participants’ characteristics, maturity and skills. For a quality work the communication with the sending partner is very important.

Our service and approach regarding the internships and the overall experience focus on guidance and training, so we treat our participants as young workers and expect from them a mature attitude and involvement in their company.

Our Internship Supervisors personally accompany each and every one of the participants to their company interview. This is a key moment, in fact we support them to maintain a mature and professional approach towards their future company, and some time we teach them and coach them about how to do it, as obviously this is an aspect that can’t be taken for granted.

Once the internship starts our supervisors take care of the follow up both with participants and companies, making sure everything is flowing nice and smooth. We have questionnaires to complete for both of them and participants also come to our office for some follow-up meetings in order to share their problems or satisfactions between them and with our supervisors. This allow each of them to learn from others’ experience and to be stimulated on thinking over their personal development process.

Intercultural aspects regarding both life and internship are also tackled during the meetings, starting from the first one which is an introduction to their whole experience in Italy, and such themes also arise during the rest of the stay.