About Us

Aef is a reliable partner with over 25 years of experience as internship provider, and our partners’ contacts are available for you upon request in case you wish to ask for references about us.

Internships: we take them seriously, and we consider them as a bridge to the future of our participants.
We collaborate with over 400 companies in Florence from a broad variety of sectors, such as Art and History, Media, Administration, Law, Social Services, Medical Services, Architecture and Engineering, Restoration, IT, chemical analysis, Food and Beverage, Tourism, Environmental Sciences, Graphic design and communication, Beauty and Wellness, Hair Dressing, Nursery and Education, Electronic or Mechanics, Dental hygiene, Dental prosthesis, Sales, Chemical Analysis, Chemistry and many others as we get to collaborate with new companies every year


When you do good work,
people will notice you.

Ram Kapoor